Looking for a gay friendly travel destination in Lapland?
Welcome to Aurora Holidays!

Living under the northern lights, surrounded by the polar nights, the midnight sun and the bursts of color during fall foliage; we are no strangers to a colorful life as well as life in the dark.

We are eager to share our natural wonders with you, but we are just as keen on maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy your holiday.


 If you’ve shared a holiday with us, you’ll know that you are forever considered family.

That is why we were the first business in Lapland to join the We speak gay community.

Out of all the businesses in Lapland, we were the first to join the We Speak Gay community. 

This led to a lot of questions and comments coming in from other operators and the community.

Some negative, some suspicious and many positive ones.

To us though, joining the We Speak Gay community was no brainer and we were eager to jump at the opportunity. As, whether you are our guest, team member or a business partner, we feel strongly about making everyone feel at home when interacting with Aurora Holidays. Equality and inclusion are at the heart of our values.

From the We Speak Gay trainings we learned that it is not enough to just think that everyone is welcomed and safe at our resort. We need to say it out loud. And hence you’ll find the We Speak Gay logo displayed in our digital channels, as well as LTBTQ colours spread around the resort and gender neutral public facilities at our restaurant. You’ll also find us expressing our support at events and on our digital channels.

Gay friendly travel destination in Finland

Why do we want to be a LGBTQ friendly destination?


When we post about this on our company channels or private profiles, we often get a lot of comments and discussion.


People ask for example if there really are gay unfriendly companies?


But the thinking behind openly and actively showing our support to the LGBTQ community is that there are so many places in the world where basic human rights don’t apply to everyone. Where being openly who you are is not possible due to archaic laws or for the fear of violence or discrimination. That’s why it is important that these issues frequently come up in conversation, that everyone capable takes a stand and that there are places where one knows they are welcomed just as they are.



We’ve also learned that even in Finland, some feel discrimination or hostile or supressive treatment at businesses. So if you are booking a holiday with a loved one, wouldn’t you want to know for sure you can truly enjoy that holiday with your loved one? 

With so many issues still surrounding this matter; it’s not enough to think everyone is welcomed, it needs to be said out loud.


Some people have even asked how much have we earned with being gay friendly?

We don’t know.

We don’t ask every customer if they are gay and no one yells it from the door either. It really is not necessary either to know. All that matters is how our customers feel, if they have a good experience. Only that matters 💚


If you have any thoughts, questions or improvement suggestions regarding the matter, we’d love to hear it!

Email us at contact@auroraholidays.net

Gay friendly aurora borealis holiday in the arctic circle