From Northern Lights to Puffins on snow - Spring light in Arctic Lapland photography workshop with Monika Deviat.

March 2025! Join Nikon ambassador and award-winning Canadian photographer and photography educator Monika Deviat at Aurora Holidays, for a truly unique workshop in the Arctic.

Monika won The Astronomy Photography of the Year Aurorae 2023 competition with a Northern Lights image taken at our resort in Utsjoki northernmost Finnish Lapland and has been collaborating with us for several years already.

During this amazing workshop, you’ll explore the wonders of both Arctic Finnish Lapland as well as the treasures of Northern Norway and the Arctic Ocean. Think of working on your very best Northern Lights and astro photography, photographing Atlantic Puffins and other sea birds in snowy conditions, getting up close and personal with reindeer and local indigenous traditions…while staying in a cozy locally authentic cabin with a private sauna, and enjoying meals prepared from local ingredients to match all dietary needs.

Sound good?