Authentic Finnish Cabin accommodation

During your holiday with Aurora Holidays your home away from home is a traditional, cozy and spacious cabin overlooking the mighty Teno river over to Norway. As any authentic Finnish cabin; each of the cabins has its own private sauna

Best location for Auroras

Statistically there are Northern Lights above our resort 4 nights out of 5! We are at a light pollution free location right under the Aurora Oval with perfect wide views to the surrounding skies.

Truly authentic and sustainable accommodation

Stay in a true Finnish style cabin and enjoy an authentic and culturally appropriate Lapland destination experience. Our cabins stay cozy and warm in the Arctic conditions with a sustainable geothermal heating system.

Fresh, clean and scent free

We want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable during your holiday. We use only allergy friendly, scent free cleaning products. And we also wish our guests will refrain from using strong scents to be considerate towards fellow travellers and staff.

Northern lights in October at aurora holidays

When staying with us in Utsjoki, you will stay in a traditional cottage. These cottages are not only perfect from an accommodation perspective but they are also perfect from an aurora chaser’s perspective. If you are looking for a place where you can disconnect from the busy city life, traffic and noise – you have found the right place.

These cottages are proper Finnish high quality cottages, equipped with everything you will need (see the list below), including your own sauna to warm up after a cold night chasing the lights or just to enjoy the relaxing feeling and sit on the porch, watching the river shimmering under the midnight sun.

The cottages are really fresh and clean, because they are quite new and well maintained. We do not allow smoking inside (and only two cottages for pets) – we want to make sure that everyone, also allergic people, can stay in our cottages.

The cottages are located on the northernmost road in Finland, between the villages of Utsjoki and Nuorgam. This is one of the most beautiful roads in Finland.

The cottages face directly north. It means that you can watch auroras from your window, the terrace or the yard, all night long if you like. Even if aurora activity is quite low, which means auroras will not be directly overhead, they will be on the northern horizon. They really give you the absolute best chances of seeing the northern lights. So even if we are not with you all the time, we want to maximise your chances with this excellent location. You can check what is happening in the sky any time.

See Your Cottage

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Fully Equipped Cottage

We have four cottages, all identical to each other. Each cottage sleeps up to *5-6 people. They have two twin bedrooms and there is also a sofa bed in the living room where another two people can sleep. In 2021 summer, we also finished two brand new apartments. Apartments are slightly bigger but they also sleep 4 people + 2 on the sofa bed. So although we usually only take eight (16) people on our group holiday, we can actually accommodate up to 36 people with prior arrangement.

Each cottage is equipped with:

  • electricity and water (tap water is drinkable)
  • shower and sauna
  • indoor toilet
  • hair dryer
  • bed linen, towels and sauna seat cover towels are provided
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • television (no television in the apartments)
  • cleaning equipment
  • free wifi

*Traveling with a friend or family on our packaged holiday: You will share a cabin/apartment with them privately. Each cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 5 people. Traveling solo: you will have a private room in a shared cabin with another possible suitable solo traveler.

All the cottages are heated. The cottages and apartments are all heated with geothermal heating. There is floor heating in the bedrooms and living rooms. In addition to the floor heating in other rooms, the bathroom also has underfloor heating. Each cottage is also equipped with heating/cooling AC and the apartments have a device for cooling down in the summer.

There is also an electric sauna in each cottage. Heating is kept on at all times, so the room temperature is always 20-25 °C (68-77 °F) degrees making the cottages very nice and cosy.

Contact us, if you are coming to Utsjoki and need accommodation, sometimes we have it available during the high season but especially in April, when the winter is still beautiful and good for outdoor adventures. Unfortunately it is not possible to see the Northern lights anymore in April (nights are too bright to see the lights).

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