Join us for a FREE Dark Sky Travel - seminar & workshop 3rd of August 2023 at Aurora Holidays, Utsjoki Finland

The seminar & workshop will be hosted in English and in Finnish (as needed). This event is open to all businesses and organisations in the Utsjoki area and Northern Norway – in hopes of building a common profitable and sustainable vision & collaboration for nature based travel in the area. The seminar portion is also open for members of the public interested in learning about the health and environmental benefits of the natural night.

Dark sky friendly business for responsible traveller. Aurora Holidays

Dark sky tourism is the world's fastest growing travel niche.

Darkness is disappearing from our world at a rate of 2-6% each year due to light pollution. And with it the possibilities to experience the natural night and all its phenomena are becoming very scarce. Dark sky tourism is a quickly rising mega trend in travel. There's profitable business opportunities in the dark skies as well as environmental and human health reasons to act against light pollution.

Looking at a light pollution map, most of Finnish Lapland no longer have true darkness left. Our area in the far north of Finnish Lapland and Arctic Northern Norway bordering us – are some of the few still truly dark places left on earth (for most parts). Together we could lead the way in sustainable and responsible ecotourism and Dark Sky Travel!

Dark sky travel seminar and workshop

Restaurant Aurora Holidays under the northern lights in Utsjoki

We have partnered with Night Sky tourism specialists:

To bring you a FREE day of Dark sky information and an opportunity to develop your business and build cross border networks – in the hopes of saving the unique dark skies in our area for travellers and generations to enjoy.


The event takes place at Restaurant Aurora Holidays on the 3rd of August 2023.

The event is Free of charge but we do offer meal and/or accommodation package separately, see below.

NOTE: places are limited and you need to reserve your spot. Reservations are binding, please be considerate.

Register for the event by emailing us at 

First part of the day: the seminar portion is also open to the public (make reservations), after lunch we begin the workshop portion for businesses and organisations and end the day in a networking dinner.

NOTE: the workshop is based on the information shared in the seminar portion, to attend the workshop you must attend the seminar as well.

8:00 am Dark Breakfast ( optional not included)

9:00 am to 13:00 pm Presentation and information about the benefits, profitability, science and travel application of dark skies. (includes a break)

13:00-14:00 Break for dark lunch ( lunch not included see meal and accommodation options below )

14:00- 18:00 Workshop and hands on dark sky travel and destination development for businesses and organisations.

19:00 Dark dinner to wrap up, discuss and network. ( meal not included, see options below)

Northern lights tours in Utsjoki Finland

Include meals / accommodation with the Dark sky workshop

We are building a DARK MENU for the event day. Reserve the whole menu together with your seminar spot or choose parts of it as needed. All meals can be prepared gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or to match other dietary requirements ( let us know when placing your reservation)

Include ALL dark meals of the day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) 79€

Or choose only some of the dark meals:

Dark Breakfast 18€

Dark lunch, coffee and dessert 22€

Dark three course dinner 59€

Accommodation deal for Dark sky event attendees

  1. Book an entire cabin or apartment (sleeps 4) 165€/180€ per night
  2. Book a shared cabin or apartment ( sleeps 2, private bedrooms, shared facilities) 82,50€/90€

3. Stay for 2 or more nights, include the Dark Menu and get 40% off your accommodation costs (applicable to option 1 above) from the 2nd night onwards.

Reserve your spot to the event, and book your Dark Menu and accommodation by emailing us at latest by 26th of July.

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