Your Northern Lights Holidays in Finland

Book your Northern Lights Holidays in Finland with us here in Utsjoki between September and April, and we will do our best to make that dream of yours a reality!


Tourists enjoying their northern lights holidays in Finlandunder the full moon on the ice of the Teno River in Utsjoki

Book your Northern Lights Holidays with us here in Utsjoki, in the far north of Finnish Lapland, between September and April, and we will do our best to make that dream of yours a reality!

We are a family-owned company and have been leading our northern lights tours in the north of Finland for already 5 seasons. Our location is ideal to chase the Aurora Borealis. We are located in Utsjoki, 450km North of the Arctic Circle, where you can often see the Northern Lights even if the activity remains low.

Watch the aurora dance across the sky from the comfort of your cosy cottage or around a warming fire. Waiting in the cold for the Northern Lights to appear? Not with us! We have a private, wooden gazebo with a fireplace right outside your cottages on the riverbank, with an open and clear view towards the north. It is ideal to stay warm, enjoy some local delicacies and listen to stories from our guides about the area, all this while you wait for the lights.

If the weather is not clear at our cottages, we will chase the northern lights in our comfortable van. Our Northern Lights tours are NOT limited by time or distance. As much as seeing the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed because it is a natural phenomenon, we will always go above and beyond to try and make it happen.

Aurora Holidays also offers assistance with your camera to make sure that you can capture this magical moment. You don’t have your own camera? Not a problem. We will take photos for you and of you!

We have been making the dream of seeing the Northern Lights come true for most of our visitors from all around the world. In 5 years of operating Aurora Holidays, only one group was not able to see the northern lights due to extremely bad weather conditions.

All year round possibilities

Did you know that you can enjoy Lapland in all seasons? We also offer northern lights holidays in autumn. In summer, you can visit us to experience the midnight sun. In spring and summer we can take you with us to visit seabird colonies in Norway. So pick your favourite time of year to visit Utsjoki and the northernmost regions of Europe!

northern lights above a cottage of Aurora Holidays in Lapland

Winter package

These are our most sought after packages and they are centered around showing our guests the magnificent northern lights. Each winter package includes 3 aurora chases and so far all of our guests in the past 4 years have been able to see the northern lights!

Summer package

Summer in Utsjoki is all about light - the light of the midnight sun shining 24 hours per day! Enjoy some hiking with our neverending light for a very unique experience on the top of Europe!

Autumn package

Ever dreamt of witnessing the flamboyant fall colours of northern Europe? Look no longer! In late August until mid-September, Utsjoki experiences beautiful autumn colours. And if you are lucky you might even spot the first northern lights!

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Aurora Holidays team in Utsjoki

Aurora Holidays is a family-owned company,  specialising in Nature, Outdoor and Northern Lights Holidays in Finland.

We offer a once in a lifetime experience of Aurora chasing, outdoor activities and Sami culture about 450km North of the Arctic Circle in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland.

We have years of experience in the tourist industry, local knowledge and lots of passion. Our guides will make sure that your aurora borealis holiday in Utsjoki will be magical from start to finish. Visit us & let us show you the natural beauty of the northernmost part of Finland and share nature’s most spectacular gift with you: the Northern Lights.

You can visit us year-round and experience the changing seasons and landscapes here in Lapland. Whether you’re looking for a stunning, off-the-beaten-path location to experience the Midnight Sun or want to make your dream of seeing the Northern Lights come true – we offer just the right package!

A holiday with us could not be easier. Everything from the transportation to accommodation and guided services in one package, making it easy for you. All you have to do is book your holiday, pack your bags and arrive at the airport – we will take care of the rest.