Health and safety information about booking travel in Finland.

On this page you will find the latest information and links regarding health and safety issues on travelling to, or booking travel to Finland and Aurora Holidays in 2022.

Here at Aurora Holidays it is of utmost importance to us, that our guests feel comfortable and safe to fully enjoy their holiday.

Finnish authorities agree that travel to Finland is currently SAFE.

You can travel to and book and plan travels to Aurora Holidays safely. Naturally if things change and it should became unsafe to travel to Finland due to aggressions, you can feel comfortable, that our cancellation policy is flexible as always.

Northern lights holidays in Finland

During these sad times, what the world needs more than anything is joy, awe, beauty and people who have something nice to look forward to. We believe that happy people create happy worlds.


We are thankful to all our customers who have booked holidays and are thus also helping to sustain businesses in Finland. 

Currently the biggest threat we face here isn’t war, it’s people putting a halt to travel due to unnecessary fears or due to thinking that joy should stop everywhere if hard times are felt somewhere.


The situation in Ukraine is truly saddening. Finland is receiving an on flow of refugees and working to provide housing, food, day care, schooling, jobs and health care to thousands after thousands of people in need. At the same time we share a long border with Russia, which is currently negatively affecting the travel industry here. Supporting the Finnish economy and businesses at this moment especially, doesn’t only help avoid an other type of crisis in Finland, it indirectly helps Finland to provide a brighter future for people having to flee their country.

Current information and resources from Visit Finland

What are Finland’s travel recommendations? Are there any geographical areas to avoid?

“The travel recommendations remain the same for the time being. Travelling in Finland is safe. There is no immediate threat to Finnish sovereignty because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

 What is the official position of Finland on the matter?

“Finland strongly condemns Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. Russia’s actions target Ukraine but are also an attack on the entire European security order. The attack is a flagrant violation of international law. Russia should cease military operations immediately and return to the negotiating table. Finland firmly supports Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, self-determination and territorial integrity. Finland will explore ways to strengthen Finland’s support to Ukraine. Finland will respond to Russia’s actions as part of the European Union.

The Government of Finland has opened a dedicated website on the Russian attack on Ukraine. You may visit the site to learn more about the crisis as well as Finland’s position regarding it.”

Can Finland still be considered a safe country?

“Yes. The President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister and Finland’s Foreign Minister as well as military authorities have reassured people living in Finland that there is no immediate threat to Finnish sovereignty as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

Do you take any safety measures for Finnish people next to the Russian border?

“No. There is no immediate threat to Finnish sovereignty because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”


General safety measures at Aurora Holidays and Frequently asked questions:

– We are located in Utsjoki, right at the border of Norway. This part of Finnish Lapland is very remote and does not share a border with Russia.

– Our management and staff stay informed and on top of the news, and would instantly make arrangements should it look like the safety level in Finland would change. At the moment Finland is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to and the current events have yet to change that.

– We are a small resort only arranging small group holidays. We can take care of our guests individual needs and are able to transport everyone from place A to B at the same time with our vehicles. The number of our guests at any one time will never exceed the number of transportation spots in our vans.

– We are up to date on First Aid and have processes in place for worst case scenarios.

– We understand your safety concerns and predicaments about enjoying travel at such times. We will not put you in harms way and firmly believe that even during such times we need to add joy to the world, not deduct from it.

– If you have any further questions regarding travelling to or booking future holidays with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at