Why you don’t need glass igloos to see the northern lights

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Glass igloos seem to be the new viral sensation and popular way to see the Northern Lights. The downside of the igloos is that they can be a little pricy and limiting in terms of location if you don’t have a rental car available BUT that’s not what this post is about. Instead we from Aurora Holidays wanted to share why we think you DON’T need a glass igloo to make your dream of seeing the Northern Lights come true. So here are some of our favourite ways to watch the Aurora Borealis to really make the most out of the experience.

Watch the Northern Lights in a million star hotel

The best way to see and truly experience the Northern Lights is outside under the stars. If the weather forecast is on your side and the sky is clear – our cottages here in Utsjoki are located far enough in the North that you can see the Northern Lights just by stepping outside.

Being outside allows you to really experience the Northern Lights with all your senses. Listen to the sound as you walk on the snow. On a cold night you can often see the ice crystals forming over the trees and glistening when they catch light. Enjoy the smell of fresh, clean air as you stand outside.

There is nothing more dreamy than laying down in the snow on a reindeer hide and watching the night sky above you.

If you’re worried about feeling cold while you’re waiting for the Northern Lights to dance, don’t be. We here at Aurora Holidays have you covered. If your own winter clothes are not keeping you warm enough, we will provide you with extra layers to keep you warm.

We also have a cosy fire hut right by the frozen river shore to keep you warm. The hut has an open fireplace that’s perfect for a cosy evening with marshmallows, s’mores and roasted sausages, because watching the Northern Lights is an experience.

The clouds are moving in: Chase the Northern Lights by car

Sometimes it may be cloudy where you are, which is why we think it is important to have transport available to increase your chances of seeing the auroras. If you’re somewhere where you are location bound, like the glass igloos, then there is nothing you can do in case it gets cloudy.

That’s why we have two comfortable and well-heated mini-busses available. Here at Aurora Holidays we always study the weather maps before an evening of Northern Lights chasing, so if the clouds do roll in over your cottages and there is an area with less clouds within driving distance, then our guides will take you there.

Our team of knowledgeable guides will do their absolute best to find clear skies to help you realise your dream of seeing the Northern Lights. We don’t operate with time limits or maximum driving distance. As long as the driving conditions are safe and there is a good chance to find clear skies, we are ready to go.

A Northern Lights portrait: An unforgettable photo shoot

Chances are, you probably would like a photo of the Northern Lights as holiday souvenir or better yet – a picture of you standing right underneath the aurora borealis.

We understand that not everyone has the equipment needed to take Northern Lights pictures, but don’t worry – we are here to help. We take the pictures for you and send them to you at the end of your holiday free of charge. This is of course dependent on Northern Lights activity, but we will do our very best to get that unforgettable holiday photo for you.

You have your own camera and would like to learn how to take pictures of the Northern Lights? No problem! We do a basic photography workshop with all our guests to help you get the Northern Lights pictures with your own camera. Just get in touch with us before your holiday if you have doubts about whether or not your camera is suitable for Northern Lights photography.

Even if there are no Northern Lights in the sky yet – our Northern Lights chases don’t get boring. You can practise your night photography so you’re ready when the lady aurora starts to dance or try your hand at light drawing!

Watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own cottage

When you’re tired and ready to cosy up in your own private cottage after a long day of fun snow activities and Northern Lights chasing, you still might catch a glimpse of lady aurora.

Our cottages are facing North with a view of the Teno river and Norway on the other side: the ideal location to watch the Northern Lights dance in the Northern sky from the comfort of your dining room table. Just switch off the lights, wrap up in a warm blanket and enjoy the show.

Or why not enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on your porch while you breathe in the crisp winter air? Of course the Northern Lights are not only visible in the North and can in fact appear anywhere in the sky if the solar activity is good. On a night like that you can even see the Northern Lights from your bedroom window. The perfect goodnight from Mother Nature.

All of our autumn and winter packages include 3 nights of guided Northern Lights chasing with our experienced & passionate aurora guides. We are 100% flexible and always choose the nights with the best weather conditions and odds for Northern Lights. If the nights that we are not chasing with you are clear, you still might see the Northern Lights right from your cottage.

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