”It’s not about sexuality, it is about values”

LGBTQ friendly Northern Lights holiday in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland

When traveling you want to feel free whether you are straight or gay. We at Aurora Holidays want to make sure that all our customers feel safe and welcome. With the We Speak Gay logo we also want to express inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

Did you know, that there is a huge amount of people who are still today, 2019, hiding their sexuality when traveling – because of the fact that there is a lot of countries where they cannot be open about it and they are insecure and scared.

Utsjoki: Gay friendly holiday destination

Aurora Holidays is open-minded, friendly and we want to make your holiday the best holiday ever! Finland is a very liberal and open destination. Looking for a gay friendly place to travel to? Then you have found the right place. As the first We Speak Gay community member in Lapland, we define ourselves as a gay-friendly destination and we do accept every guest just as they are.

It is important to us, to be able to provide a holiday where everyone can feel safe. A holiday where holding hands or kissing in front of the lights is totally accepted and these moments are captured by our guides and photos will be sent to you. Dreaming about the aurora borealis, but not sure when you want to travel? Have a look at our autumn and winter packages.

We Speak Gay. But what does that mean?

We joined the “We Speak Gay” community. The “We Speak Gay” community is a community of open minded companies and events that welcome LGBTQ customers and focus on creating a safe atmosphere in which you can feel valued and respected.

We have invited Hannu (founder of Gay travel Finland) and his husband Raúl to visit us here in Utsjoki and hopefully you can read about their adventures in the arctic soon here on our blog. Want to have a look in their life? Check out their social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.