Why the solar minimum shouldn’t stop you from seeing the Northern Lights

Updated on 28 October 2020 First things first. You may have heard that we are currently experiencing something called a solar minimum. Some sources claim that seeing the aurora borealis is nearly impossible during a solar minimum making it not a good time to book a holiday to see the Northern Lights. Fear not – […]

Ruska in Utsjoki

ruska in Utsjoki: Colourful rowan

  Utsjoki is one of the first places in Finland to welcome the ruska season. This beautiful phenomenon starts in the north and gradually moves south. Finland is such a long country that it takes time for autumn to arrive in the southern parts of Finland. The ruska season in Lapland is quite short but […]

The Northern Lights are back: The start of the Aurora Borealis season in Utsjoki

Northern Lights Utsjoki Church by Maria Berz

The time that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the Northern Lights season has finally started. We saw the very first auroras this season here in Utsjoki last night and we couldn’t be more excited. The Northern Lights season in the northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland will run from now until early April […]