Northern Lights Utsjoki Church by Maria Berz

The time that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the Northern Lights
season has finally started. We saw the very first auroras this season here in
Utsjoki last night and we couldn’t be more excited.

Northern Lights over the church of Utsjoki Lapland

The Northern Lights season in the northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland will
run from now until early April next year. That means more than 7 months of the
chance to see the famous Aurora Borealis and make your dream a reality. During
the summer months the endless daylight makes it impossible to see the aurora
here in Lapland, which makes it all the more exciting for us to wait until we can
see the hues of green, white, yellow and sometimes even pink dance in the sky

Northern Lights Mantojärvi Utsjoki

The nights are slowly getting darker here in Utsjoki, which means that while at
the moment we’re still seeing quite weak Northern Lights, it won’t be long until
the dark night skies will really let the Aurora Borealis shine at its full potential.
While last night’s aurora display might not have been the brightest we’ve ever
seen, it sure was special to welcome lady aurora back after such a long time. We have been on Northern Lights watch every night for a week now and while we were able to spot the first very faint auroras, this was the first good show of the season.
Summers here in Utsjoki are special, no doubt, but we’re always ecstatic about
the start of the aurora-hunting season.

Northern Lights in August Utsjoki

Want to see the Northern Lights with Aurora Holidays this season?
We will be starting our Northern Lights Autumn-Packages and Tours from
September, offering you the chance to experience the aurora in some of the most
spectacular locations in and around Utsjoki. See our Autumn-Package page for
more information. If you’d rather experience the full on winter wonderland, as
well as the magic of the Northern Lights then our winter packages might just be
what you’re looking for. We’re looking forward to go welcome you at Aurora
Holidays and take you aurora hunting here in Lapland this season.

Northern Lights Kirkkotuvat by Maria Berz

Aurora Borealis Utsjoki Lapland

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    • Hi Chetan, thank you for your message. Unfortunately April is too late here in Utsjoki to see the Northern lights. I will send you an email, to give you more details about the times you can see the lights here in Utsjoki.

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. We don’t always see that we have got comments :/
      Utsjoki is definitely a good place to see the lights – we hope you get lucky during your stay 🙂

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