Reino the Reindeer


Experience one of Europe’s last wilderness areas in the summer and follow into the footsteps of the reindeer

Aurora Holidays is now offering an exclusive summer package inspired by the journey and life of the reindeer. Join us on a hike through Lapland’s nature on the search for reindeer, listen to the stories of what life in a local reindeer herding family and reindeer husbandry community is like on a tour of Utsjoki and enjoy everything Europe’s North has to offer in the summer. The program of this exclusive summer package is designed so that all our guests can enjoy it: no matter the age or skill level.

Relax and unwind in serene nature, away from the stress, busy traffic and pollution. Here you can hear the silence, breath the cleanest air and feel the nature around you.

Ailo and Reino

Have you seen the movie Ailo’s Journey yet? It’s a story of a newborn reindeer and its adventures with all his animal friends. This movie was partly filmed here in Utsjoki. Isn’t he adorable!

Maybe you already know that we also have a mascot – Reino the reindeer? He joins us on all the activities and he is just so cute and photogenic. If you don’t know him yet, you can read the blog post to learn more about him.

If you join us in July, you will also experience the Midnight Sun! It means that the sun does not set below the horizon at all. In August, it has already begun to set, but nights are still bright.

Cute baby reindeer captured by Rayann Elzein


Your summer holiday program:

This holiday is one week long. We can help you to plan if you want to combine visits to any other places here in Finland. Your holiday package has also full board included. It means that you don’t need to worry about shopping, cooking or the dishes at all – we will take care of it all! Our new restaurant serves you breakfast, lunch/snacks and dinner every day during your stay.

Monday: Pick up from the airport, shopping, drive to Utsjoki. We will serve you dinner and you have time to relax and enjoy the peaceful evening.

Tuesday: Utsjoki village tour and visit to the local reindeer round up place. We will take you to one of the most important places for reindeer husbandry in the area. Listen to the story of what life in a local reindeer herding family and reindeer husbandry community is like. In the afternoon you have the opportunity to try yourself at a round of Frisbee golf in the local forest.

Wednesday: Hike in Kaldoaivi wilderness – follow the path of the reindeer & herders and experience one of Europe’s last wilderness areas in the summer. You will learn about the life of the reindeer, their favourite food and with a little luck we might even spot some reindeer on the hike.

Thursday:  A day off. Relax, enjoy the sauna and the peace around you. You can have a look at our summer activities, if there is something you would like to do instead of having a day off.

Friday: Visit the Sámi museum Siida in Inari and learn about the nature and how the life changes in seasons, learn more about Sámi culture and reindeer herding. We will have lunch in the museum and after lunch we will jump on board a boat and join the Inari lake cruise.

Saturday: Day trip to Norway. We will visit Pykeija, a small village on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. A relaxed road trip with incredible views and you will have the opportunity to try fishing too. Lunch in the local bistro (included), they have delicious local food. If your dream is to make the polar plunge, here it is possible and you can dip in the Arctic Ocean!

Sunday: Departure day. We will drop you off to the airport

Reino the reindeer hiking in the wilderness


This package is available in June, July and August – You can find all the holidays listed from our booking page.

Price: 1545€ (children under 15 years of age can join half price)
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  • Accommodation incl. private sauna, bed linen & towels
  • Unlimited WIFI
  • Airport transportation to/from Kirkenes or Ivalo
  • Utsjoki village tour, family fun in the afternoon
  • Guided day hike in Kaldoaivi wilderness
  • Visit to the Sami Museum Siida incl, lunch
  • Boats trip in Inari
  • Day trip to Norway, lunch
  • Firewood for your outside fireplaces
  • 24/7 Assistance by experienced guides
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch/snacks, dinner)



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