Utsjoki may seem far away from everything
but it is actually very easy to get here.

Just be prepared to spend some time in a car. Our prices do not include flights but we will collect you from the airport in Ivalo and take you back there at the end of your holiday free of charge, if you have booked a package with us.


You will need to fly into Helsinki international airport and then get a quick flight to Ivalo airport in Lapland. Helsinki airport is a major airport and it is one of the best for making easy connecting flights.

There are two airlines to choose from during the winter season for your flight from Helsinki to Ivalo – Finnair and Norwegian. Unfortunately Norwegian does not fly to Ivalo airport from Mid-April until late October. During that time Finnair is your only option.

Please refer to the recommended flights autumn & winter section for more info or recommended flights summer, if you’re planning to visit us during the summer months.


When you book a holiday package, we offer free collection and drop off from Ivalo airport. Because it is a 2½ hour drive, we can only do it once per day. If we have multiple guests coming on different flights that day, we will pick you up when your flight arrives. If someone is arriving after you, we will be waiting for them in Ivalo to pick them up too.

You can check the best alternatives from the recommended flights pages. There is one more flight later in the evening, but remember we still have a 2½ hour drive north from the airport so earlier flights are better.

If for whatever reason you wish to arrive on the evening flight, contact us before booking to make sure it is possible for us to pick you up then.


If you are planning to visit Rovaniemi / Santa Claus before or after your visit in Utsjoki, here is the bus you can use when traveling from Rovaniemi to Ivalo or back.


ARRIVAL (Tuesday)
ROUTE: Rovaniemi – Ivalo
DAY: Tuesday

8:00 a.m. Rovaniemi bus station
8:20 a.m. Rovaniemi railway station
ca. 8:27 a.m. Santa Claus village (Napapiiri I). Bus stop next to the E75 road.
12:50 p.m. Ivalo bus station

DEPARTURE: Bus schedules are different in the summer and winter, so please check the right schedule according your departure day (Saturday or Sunday)

You can check the bus schedules from the website of Matkahuolto

Disclaimer: Please make sure to check for changes of departure times and possible delays or cancellations. Also keep in mind that the bus timetable might change. Check with the service provider for updates. We are not responsible for your transport arrangements.


If you wish to rent a car in the summer or fall and drive here by yourself, please let us know.

We can tell you more about coming here by car.

In the winter, we don’t recommend it, unless you are a very experienced driver in winter conditions.