Lapland is the biggest province in Finland and covers almost one third of Finland´s land area. The climate varies in different parts of Lapland, thanks to the seas, fells and mainland. The Arctic Ocean and the Gulf Stream both affect the climate of Utsjoki by offsetting the temperatures. During the winter months the temperature can vary a lot between days, from 0°C to -40°C (-32°F).

On the coldest of nights, when the temperature drops below -25°C (-13°F), we won’t go out in the van for safety reasons (in case of breakdowns so we don’t get stranded out in the cold).









It really is all about the clothing! The most important thing to know about correct clothing is to have lots of layers and the correct materials! You can always take off clothing layers if it gets too warm, or put more on if it gets too cold. Being active keeps you warmer but sometimes admiring the auroras forces you to stand still for a while, so proper clothing is essential! Sometimes it is not possible to avoid feeling a bit cold since it is still winter in Lapland!

Every layer has its own purpose and together they make you feel comfortable while being outdoors.


We recommend you to wear thermal underwear. Merino wool is the best choice for material, but some sort of technical material is also good. Wear it directly next to your skin.


The second layer could be something like sweat pants and shirt, or fleece trousers and a fleece shirt. When it gets really cold (e.g. -30°C (-22°F)) you may need to use a third layer of clothing under your outer jacket, a wool jumper for example.


The outer layer’s job is to protect you from wind and humidity. Winter or parka jackets are often considered one of the best jackets because of a good insulation (down or synthetic). Also ski jackets and padded jackets should do the job, as long as they have a good insulation too and are thick enough. Make sure that your jacket comes with a hood.

Same advice apply to the trousers too. So grabbing a great pair of insulated winter cold weather pants can be incredibly helpful in keeping you nice and toasty while braving the coldest of cold weather. It is good, if the material is waterproof (gore-tex). Just make sure that your outer layer is not too tight because air between the layers you are wearing also acts as an insulator and will help you keep warm.


Snow boots or winter hiking boots are the best choice. Notice! Winter boots need to be 1 or 2 sizes bigger than your normal shoe size, because you need to have enough space inside for normal socks and wool socks. And there still needs to be space inside your shoe, to feel comfortable and it is the air inside that keeps your toes warm. You can also use thermal insoles.

Hiking socks or ski socks are a good choice, while wool is the best material for socks, especially Merino wool. We also provide wool socks, if you don´t have your own.


We recommend you to wear a hat, gloves/mittens (though mittens are always warmer than gloves) and a scarf/buff when being outdoors. Even a light wind can freeze your exposed ears or fingers in seconds. It is good to have thin fleece (polyester or wool) gloves under your main wool or leather mittens (or ski gloves).

In case you have to take the main mittens off for a while (e.g. to use camera), the gloves protect your fingers from cold. A normal winter hat should be enough but in cold weather a furry cap is even warmer. And last but not least, you can always wear a balaclava underneath your hat to keep your head warmer.


In summary, a minimum recommendation of clothing: hat, scarf, gloves/mittens, underwear clothing, middle layer clothing, fleece or wool shirt, outer jacket and trousers, winter boots and woollen socks. Wool is always the best material in keeping you warm but technical materials such as microfleece and polarfleece are good substitutes.

We will do everything to make sure you don´t get cold. To ensure that, we can provide snow suits for extremely cold weather.

Notice! Sunglasses are useful specially in March and April, sun is really bright when it is reflecting off the snow.

If you have any other questions about anything concerning our clothing, feel free to contact us! We know the weather here better than anyone!

We work together with a company called Winter Wear Finland. It is a winter clothes rental company based in Helsinki Airport. After booking your holiday, you will get a discount code you can use to get a small discount of your winter gear. They provide full packages including everything you need or if you have already some items, you can rent the ones you still need.

We will do everything possible to make sure you don’t get cold. To ensure that, we can provide snow suits for extremely cold weather. If you have any other questions about anything concerning clothing, feel free to contact us! We know the weather here better than anyone!