Aurora Holidays welcomes Girls Love Travel: #GLTFinland fall tour highlights

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The first round of the Girls LOVE Travel #GLTFinland trips has come to an end and all 3 groups have seen the Northern Lights here in Lapland.

During the last 3 weeks we’ve welcomed 31 GLT ladies from 8 countries including the USA, Costa Rica and the Seychelles (to name just a few) with a passion for travel and all age groups. They arrived eager to see the Northern Lights here in Utsjoki and last Sunday we said goodbye to the last group (for now) as friends.

It was a time full of laughter, inspiration and wonderful memories. Thanks to all you strong, independent women for creating such spirit of sisterhood and support and thanks to Haley Woods for bringing us all together.

We partnered with Girls LOVE Travel founder Haley Woods early this year to create an unforgettable group tour for the members of Girls LOVE Travel. The main focus was of course to help these ladies realise their dream of seeing the Northern Lights, but we also wanted to create a safe and fun environment for them to try new activities and introduce them to Sami culture during their stay.

Aurora Holidays welcomes Girls LOVE Travel

The programme we designed for the GLT Finland fall trips is slightly different to our usual autumn packages. We wanted to give the ladies an introduction to both Utsjoki specifically, and Lapland in general and include as many aspects as possible. So we structured the week in a way that we thought would cater to different interests and outdoor experience levels.

Throughout the week each group had the chance to have a go at Northern Lights photography, learn about Sami culture & local history, sample some regional delicacies and get up close and personal with the nature surrounding Utsjoki during a hike. Each week was equally as fun and memorable, but completely unique at the same time.

During those three weeks our GLT guests got to experience the first and second snow of the season, saw some magical rainbows, witnessed the lakes and streams starting to freeze & hit the coldest night temperature of the season yet (-10C) saw the Milky Way with their very own eyes and to top it all off they watched some of the best and brightest Northern Lights not just of the season, but the entire year!

The GLT ladies proved just how brave and daring they are by taking an Arctic plunge during our day trip to Norway. The GLT founder Haley herself started the trend in week one and each week we had one brave lady follow suit.

GLT at the reindeer round-ups

We were especially excited that we were able to share one of the most important events in the local calendar with the girls: the reindeer round ups. Unfortunately this is something we cannot plan and like so many things, nature decides if the time is right. Nonetheless we were able to take two out of the three groups to see a local reindeer round up. Little did we know that these strong and adventurous ladies would turn out to be so good at handling reindeer.

Here are some of the highlights and our favourite moments of the first three #GLTFinland trips:

Want to join the fun? All Girls LOVE Travel members will have the chance to join some of our upcoming #GLTFinland trips – simply visit the Facebook group and search #GLTFinland for the latest updates & discounts. Not a GLT member, but you’d still like to join us here in Utsjoki? No problem! We still have some availability for this winter season – so you can join our winter package tours any time!

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