Aurora Holidays on perheyritys jolla on pitkä kokemus majoituksesta Utsjoella. Me erikoistumme luontomatkailuun. Meidän majoituksemme ja opaspalvelumme ovat tarjolla vuoden ympäri, mutta pääpainopisteenä on talvimatkailu ja revontulet. Tarjoamme ainutkertaisen elämyksen revontulten, ulkoilun ja saamelaiskulttuurin parissa 450km napapiirin pohjoispuolella Lapissa, Utsjoen kylässä.

Vaikka Aurora Holidays onkin perustettu vasta 2016, meillä on useiden vuosien kokemus majoituspalveluiden tarjoamisesta sekä paikallistuntemusta jota kaikki matkanjärjestäjät eivät pysty tarjoamaan. Anna meidän tehdä lomastasi Utsjoella taianomainen alusta loppuun. Loma meidän vieraanamme ei voisi olla helpompi.

Järjestämme kaiken lentokenttäkuljetuksista opastettuihin ohjelmiin, joten sinun tarvitsee vain varata lomasi, pakata laukkusi ja saapua lentokentälle – me hoidamme loput.



Ensimmäinen tiimimme jäsen on Tiina. Tiina ei ole pelkästään Aurora Holidaysin omistaja vaan koko yrityksen sydän. Hän pyörittää yritystä yhdessä puolisonsa Mikan kanssa. Mika on saamelainen poroisäntä ja on asunut alueella lähes koko ikänsä.

Tiina kohtelee yritystä ja vieraitaan kuin he olisivat osa hänen perhettään.


Emilia has been an integral part of the company from the very start.

Not only has Emilia got years of experience in the tourism industry, she has travelled all across the globe herself. As a guide she has been sharing her passion for nature, winter landscape and knowledge of the local culture with our guests.

Emilia combines her organisational skills and knowledge of the local area on all her tours. She is caring and thanks to her attention to detail you will always get the help and tips you need to make sure you’re warm, comfortable and safe at all times.

When she isn’t working, Emilia is most likely found out in the wilderness taking her snowmobile for a spin, hiking, fishing or studying the Sámi language and culture.

Emilia loves the life here. She wants to share her passion with you – that can really be seen when you join a tour with her. What could be a better feeling than raise up your eyes to the sky and feel a smile of happiness spread across your face.

Language skills: Finnish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and learning Northern Sámi.


Let us introduce our newest team member of Aurora Holidays: Maria!

She fell in love with Lapland and Utsjoki some time ago and we fell in love with her great spirit. Maria is a person that one just has to like. A spontaneous, generous, friendly girl with adventurous personality. Being a travel blogger, she has also helped us along the way.

Maria makes every day feel like an adventure, because she has passion for life and travelling. She is always ready to help everybody and is a good companion for road trips. When she is around, there is no silent moment. You can ask almost anything and she has the answer.

We are so happy to work with her and we are sure that you will like her too!

Language skills: English, German and basics in Spanish.

Check out her blog to read about her adventures all around the world!

Global Brunch


Planning a visit to Finnish Lapland? Here is why you should choose Aurora Holidays for your stay!

Small groups – we only offer small group tours so it will never be too crowded and you get to enjoy everything the surrounding nature has to offer in peace.

We don’t charge extra – We don’t charge single people occupancy rates, we don’t charge extra for more than two people per cottage and we don’t charge you extra even if you’re the only guest that has booked a certain activity.

We are flexible – Our holidays & activities have no minimum bookings or set time limit. Aurora hunting can take time and may require driving which is why we don’t set a time limit. We plan our Northern Lights chases according to the weather & aurora activity so you have the best possible chances to see the Aurora Borealis.


Enthusiastic & Passionate guides – We love what we do. We are passionate about nature, Northern Lights & Sami culture and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Professional & Approachable Staff – We are there for you. We offer professional guidance during all activities and can be reached 24/7 in case of an emergency or if you ever need help.

We are personal – Our holidays are not rehearsed and cold. We want to create the holiday of your dreams and make you feel right at home here at Aurora Holidays. We can share local knowledge, stories and our own experience of what it is like to live and work 450 km north of the Arctic Circle.

We are transparent – Everything we do is transparent. We will never promise you Northern Lights when the weather conditions are bad. If it isn’t safe to drive somewhere to chase the lights we will tell you and plan accordingly.