Here is a list of frequently asked questions that should
provide you some extra information you might need.


Are you looking for a nice and remote place, away from crowded tourist attractions and big loud groups where you still have all the amenities and services you need? This is your place. We only offer small group tours, we are flexible, and we want to make your holiday relaxing.

We are also out of the way of light pollution and way up north so when the skies are clear, if there is aurora activity at all, you can see it. And if there is activity in the skies but the skies happen to be overcast, no problem, we’ll drive you where the skies are clear.

We also offer activities beside the aurora gazing so if you want some excitement during the daytime as well, we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t, you can relax in the quiet of Lapland, in the peace of your own cottage. With us you also get the chance to experience a little slice of authentic life in the very north of the Finnish Lapland. We live here ourselves and know the area well and we are happy to show it to you.

Find out more about Aurora Holidays in the “About Us” section.



We prefer small group holidays and therefore we only take 8 people on a holiday. We have four cottages, all identical to each other. Each cottage sleeps 1-6 people. They have two twin bedrooms and there is also a sofa bed in the living room where another two people can sleep. Sometimes we make exceptions, so if it looks like the holiday you would like to book, is sold out, send us an email to find out if it is possible to join that holiday.



In the winter, we are happy to welcome children ages 10 and up. In the summer, our holidays are suitable to all ages.

However, if you want to come with smaller children in the winter, please email us before booking. We can always try to customize the tours to suit you and your family. It is not necessary to leave the cottages most nights and if we do have to take the van to chase the northern lights, we won’t go far. We do ask you to let us know well in advance if you are traveling with children who need a car seat.



It depends on the time of the year. Weather changes a lot during different seasons.

In the spring, days start to get sunnier and warmer, but it still can stay below zero for most of the time. Nights can get cold, -20°C or even colder. So warm clothes are still needed, most of the time.

Summer temperatures also vary during the day and night. In the summer, daytime temperatures are around +15-20°C but drops often near 0°C in the night.

In the winter, it is safe to assume it will be 0°C (32°F) or below most of the winter and it can quite easily be -10°C, -20°C or -30°C (14-(-22°F) on some days and especially during the nights. Due to Finland’s location, it’s not as cold here as it is in the very North of Canada and Alaska or Siberia.

We’ll have a fire outside to warm up around during the nights we’re outside and if you for some reason feel it is too cold to go outside, you can see the northern lights from the windows of your cottage most nights. See the section on what to wear on your trip here.

In winter, we might have to cancel driving due to weather conditions. We take safety seriously and will not drive if it puts you or us in any unnecessary risk. On the coldest nights when the temperature drops below -25°C (-13°F), we won’t go out in the van for safety reasons (in case of breakdowns so we don’t get stranded out in the cold). If we cancel driving, we either stay with you at the cottages or consider replacing the chase later during the week.



No. As much as we would like to guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights, we cannot. No one can. But with us, your chances seeing them are much higher than with most of the other companies. The further north you go, the better chances you have of seeing the Northern lights. But some nights, you could go all the way to the North pole and still not see them. Because some nights they just don’t happen.

It is quite rare, but it happens and for this reason the Aurora Borealis cannot be guaranteed, not by anyone. Clouds can be a problem too. If it is cloudy, the view of the night sky will be blocked and thus we won’t see auroras. But what is guaranteed, is the fact that we work hard to make it happen. We plan the week accordingly to the weather and aurora activity and choose the best nights for chasing and if there are any possibilities to find clear skies, we will drive there. We will never promise you Northern lights when the weather conditions are bad and make you believe there is any hope, if there is not.



No, no need to share your cottage with anyone. If you book a holiday for you and your loved one, for your family or a group of friends, no one else will be staying in the same cottage with you. This is where we are different again. No need to share even then, when you travel alone. You can stay alone, if you wish to be there alone. There is an option to share your cottage with another solo traveler. We are happy to tell you more about this option.



Autumn / winter packages are from Tuesday to Sunday so in total five (5) nights and six (6) days.

Summer packages are from Tuesday to Saturday so in total four (4) nights and five (5) days.

In the spring, summer and autumn, we can arrange more customized stays too. Ask for possibilities to extend your package holiday or you can ask us to design you a holiday. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



We know that you have probably been looking for good winter clothing and noticed that it is quite expensive and can be difficult to find. And it feels waste of money, when you maybe don’t need it after your holiday here in Utsjoki.

There is a way to save money, save space in your luggage and it is also more ecological than “buy-use once-throw away” method. We work together with a company called Winter Wear Finland. It is a winter clothes rental company. After booking your holiday, you will get a discount code you can use to get a small discount of your winter gear.

They provide full packages including everything you need or if you have already some items, you can rent the ones you still need.



It depends on the nature of your disability. If you can get in and out of cars and walk a few steps up some stairs, you are most welcome. If you are dependent on a wheelchair then we are sorry, but our holiday is not suitable for you. Some of the daytime activities we offer requires a bit more mobility than the nighttime activity of aurora gazing. If you have any questions, do contact us and we’ll try and accommodate you as much as possible.

If you have any other questions about anything concerning our holidays, feel free to contact us!