Active "ruska" hiking Holiday

Finnish Lapland & Northern Norway

Experience the magical arctic fall foliage and the unique northernmost nature on guided hikes and adventures on this all-inclusive small group holiday.
Only available for 2 weeks during autumn.

Do you have an adventurous spirit, and enjoy hiking and the magnificent great outdoors?

Then this active “ruska” holiday package might be your dream come true! In Finnish we have a special word for the autumn fall foliage: ruska. Here in Arctic Lapland, due to the types of vegetation, ruska covers the trees AND the ground. The early autumn weather is perfect for long outings and the surrounding wilderness areas offer trails among beautiful landscapes to grand vistas. With a local hiking guide, you’ll explore the hidden gems and enjoy the feeling of having the entire wilderness to yourself, as our guide will lead hikes away from the main well known touristy trails.

This active holiday includes three day hikes in Finland and Northern Norway ( hikes are chosen by our guide according to weather and safety conditions of each day). Accommodation in a traditional Finnish style cabin with a private sauna, and all meals are included too. A day trip to the Arctic Ocean is included as well, along with a tour of our local village in the Sami lands.

Experience the most amazing fall foliage, local fresh and allergy-safe cuisine, guided hikes in a small like-minded group, Finnish Lapland AND Northern Norway…join us on this special holiday week only available for a short period.

Active ruska holidays available for 2024 and 2025:

  • 2024 Active ruska week 1 from 31st of August to 7th of September
  • 2024 Active ruska week 2 from 7th of September to 14th of September
  • 2025 Active ruska week 1 from 30th of August to 6th of September
  • 2025 Active ruska week 2 from 6th of September to 13th of September
Fall foliage and arctic scenery hiking holiday in Lapland Finland and Northern Norway with Aurora Holidays

During this holiday, we do guided day trips in various terrains. This holiday is aimed for people who have already done a small hike or two and have normal basic fitness level.  On hiking days we will cover distances between 10-20km (6-12 miles) and the days, including travel time to trail head and back the day trips are around 6-10 hrs long.

Depending on the weather, we travel in various ways in the vast landscapes of Lapland, the northernmost part of the Arctic, in Finland and Norway.

Depending on the day, we may admire the Tenojoki Valley or the Arctic Ocean from the windy top of the fell, hike in the open highlands under the endless sky, or sit down for lunch on the shore of an alpine lake or in the shade of the magnificent gorges.

We follow existing paths, respecting Lapland’s delicate nature.

During the week, we also enjoy the gifts nature has to offer by swimming in natural waters and picking pure northern berries.

You will also get tips in basic hiking and camping skills, such as trip planning and orienteering with a map and compass. On day trips, we also eat lunch in nature.

Since we are moving in the fell area, the day trips include elevation. We go slowly on the trips, but the long ascents and descents put a strain on the knees and hips, so please take this into account if you know your joints are hurting.

The weather in the fell areas changes quickly, so we reserve the right to change the excursion plans for safety reasons.

Itinerary for Active ruska hiking holiday week

Day 1 Saturday: arrive at Aurora Holidays by car or via our airport transfer from Ivalo. Get settled in your accommodation and enjoy a nice welcome dinner at our restaurant on-site.

Day 2 Sunday: After breakfast, leave for your first guided hike. We’ll pack a hearty lunch for you to enjoy during your adventure day in the arctic wilderness. Return to the resort for dinner.

Day 3 Monday: After breakfast we leave for a bucket list day trip to a small norwegian village by the Arctic Ocean. The scenic route takes us over the border and to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Once we reach the village of Bugoynes we stop at a lookout for pictures before we get geared up and hop on a boat for a King Crab safari! After the safari, the King crab you caught is prepared for you at the local Bistro and while they cook your lunch; you’ll have the opportunity to give your circulation a boost by dipping into the Arctic Ocean from a beachside sauna. After your King crab feast, we will start heading back to the resort and will be back in time for dinner.

Day 4 Tuesday: After breakfast, leave for your second guided hike. We’ll pack a hearty lunch for you to enjoy during your adventure day in the arctic wilderness. Return to the resort for dinner.

Day 5 Wednesday: After breakfast we’ll head for a village tour of Utsjoki. We’ll learn about the history and culture of the Sami and do a little sightseeing of the neighborhood and sight covered in autumn colors. You’ll have the opportunity to also shop for some locally crafted souvenirs. At the end of the tour, we’ll head over to a beautiful lake. There we’ll enjoy a packed lunch and afterwards have the opportunity to take a wild swim in the lake from a barrel sauna reserved for us. We’ll be back at the resort for some relaxation and dinner.

Day 6 Thursday: This is a day free of preplanned included activities. You can choose to relax in the resort area and explore the Teno river banks or our private hiking trail up the fell ( leaving from behind the resort). Or you can join us on a day trip to Inari and the Sami Museum as an add-on activity. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort are included.

Day 7 Friday: After breakfast, leave for your third guided hike. We’ll pack a hearty lunch for you to enjoy during your adventure day in the arctic wilderness. Return to the resort for dinner.

Day 8 Saturday: After breakfast, time to hug goodbye, pack great memories to go, and hop on our airport transfer to Ivalo airport or in your car. What a week!

NOTE: The above is an example itinerary, the dates for each activity aren’t set and we reserve the right to make changes to give you the most stunning and safe holiday.

Price - Active "ruska" hiking holiday package Finland and Norway

Starting at 1880 € per person

Full Board Included & Airport Transfers available as add on.

What is included

  • Seven (7) nights *accommodation incl. private sauna, bed linen & towels. 
  • Unlimited WIFI in all cottages
  • 3 guided day hikes in Finland & Norway
  • Bucket list day trip to Northern Norway
  • Village tour of Utsjoki 
  • All transportation during the holiday to included activities and hikes.
  •  Add on for an extra 100€ pp: Transfer to & from the airport, to & from all activities (NOTE Airport transfer times are set and only applicable to Ivalo Airport as follows: Pick up on the first day of the holiday at 13:30PM, drop off on the last day of the holiday at 11:30AM)
  • Firewood for your outside fireplaces
  • 24/7 Assistance by experienced guides
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch/snacks, dinner)

Not included

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Any other activities (Sami museum and Inari day trip available as an additional activity to add to your “day off” on this active ruska holiday.)


* Traveling with a friend or family: You will share a cabin with them privately. Each cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 5 people. Traveling solo: you will have your own private room in a shared cabin with an other possible suitable solo traveller. 

Interested in experiencing the fall foliage but not hiking?

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Ruska vaellukset erämaassa ja pohjois norjassa.