Why the solar minimum shouldn’t stop you from seeing the northern lights

You may have heard that we are currently experiencing something called a solar minimum. Some sources claim that seeing the aurora borealis is near impossible during a solar minimum and that it isn’t a good time to book a holiday to see the Northern Lights. Fear not – we can proof that you can still see spectacular Northern Lights displays even though we are in the solar minimum & that it shouldn’t stop you from making your dream of seeing the Northern Lights a reality.

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Birding trip to Varanger Fjord – Norway

Every day now we can hear birds singing and the sun is already warming our cheeks. One sunny Wednesday morning in the middle of March we packed our company´s van with lots of camera gear and joyful spirit. It was time to hit the road towards Norway and its blue skies and open fjord waters. We were on an important mission, to find birds! And not just any birds, something rare too was on the list. We had a lovely couple staying as our guests and they were enthusiastic bird watchers so a birding trip was a perfect way to spend a day outdoors.

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Finnish Sauna Culture

A true culture of sauna When talking about Finland you must have heard stories about a hot room: the sauna, and how the Finns scorch themselves there – at least most of them.  For us Finns it is a place to relax both the body and mind. In this article,…

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