Aurora Holiday’s favourite Midnight Sun moments in & around Utsjoki

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The Midnight Sun period here in Utsjoki has come to an end. The first sunset since May here in the northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland was just a few days ago, meaning the nightless nights are now over. The nights are slowly returning to Utsjoki and in just a few weeks time, we will be able to see the Northern Lights again.

The nightless nights are a very special time here in Utsjoki. The endless daylight gives visitors plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy everything nature has to offer. The team here at Aurora Holidays wanted to share their favourite moments of the Midnight Sun in and around Utsjoki to show you just how beautiful this time of year is. So without further ado, here they are.

Tiina’s favourite Midnight Sun moments

The Aurora Holidays cottages with view of the Tenojoki are the perfect base to enjoy the Midnight Sun here in Utsjoki. The gorgeous colours of the sky light up the river at night.

Nesseby in Northern Norway is one of the day trips we offer and truly is a beautiful location both day and night. We recently went there to capture the soft colours of the nightless nights for our new video and as you can see, the conditions were perfect!

Utsjoki is well-known as a salmon fishing destination during the summer months, but it isn’t just the tourists that like to try their luck at fishing. Locals young and old enjoy fishing on the Tenojoki just as much.

If you have visited us before, you will probably recognise this little hut. This is Steve, our very own private wilderness hut on top of the hills. One of our favourite Midnight Sun moments was a night hike to Steve. We had a relaxing campfire with local treats and front-row seats to the most amazing views.

Emilia’s favourite Midnight Sun moments

The Ailegas fell here in Utsjoki is one of three sacred Sami fells in the Utsjoki commune. The one located just outside Utsjoki village is the smallest of the three and easily accessible on foot from the village.  We love visiting Ailegas at night during the Midnight Sun, because of the idyllic landscape and the stunning views of Utsjoki and the Teno valley. Just a short walk from the village, yet the serene atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve entered another world. That alone makes the every step it takes to hike up there all so worth it.

In autumn Skalluvaara is well-known as a reindeer round up place amongst the local Sami community, but in the summer it is an excellent destination for hiking and berry picking. Skalluvaara is also considered the gate to the Kaldoaivi wilderness area, the largest wilderness area in Finland that leaves you feeling like you’re on top of the world. 

Maria’s favourite Midnight Sun moments

Can you believe this photo was taken at midnight? Just a short hike away from the Aurora Holidays cottages, is this view point. You can see the sun just about touches the fells in Norway and the whole Teno valley is dipped into the most gorgeous golden light.

This is the Utsjoki river, a small river with a big meaning for salmon. The Utsjoki is one of the side rivers of the Tenojoki that salmon use to spawn during the summer. Sometimes you will be able to spot curious people on the bridge staring down into the water, hoping to get a glimpse of a salmon heading upstream.

The Sami Bridge is one of our favourite spots in Utsjoki village to capture the Midnight Sun. Whether you’re standing on the bridge or on the shore of the Tenojoki, it is one of the few places that you can still see the sun even at midnight in the village. Utsjoki is located in a valley, so while you can still see the sunlight 24/7 – you can’t always see the actual sun in the village.

Still can’t quite imagine what the Midnight Sun here in Utsjoki is like? Why not have a look at our brand new video

Want to experience the Midnight Sun with Aurora Holidays here in Utsjoki? Join us for our special Midnight Sun tour next summer, booking will be available soon. More infos about the tour and everything that’s included can be found here: Midnight Sun Photography Tour

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