Sailing the Arctic Ocean


399€ per person


All day trip starting from and returning to Utsjoki.
Sailing & King crab fishing and meal duration approximately 5hrs


Thursdays (or by request)


Year round

Activity Description

Join us on an Arctic Ocean sailing experience like no other. 

We leave Utsjoki (Aurora Holidays) before noon and drive the scenic route to the Varanger area in Northern Norway. We board a sail boat built in Finland at Vadso harbour and set sail towards adventures only the Arctic Ocean can provide.

Taking in the scenery and the peace and quiet of the sea, we head towards our first stop. To catch some King Crabs for dinner, we first need to catch some fish to use as bait. You can chill on the deck and observe the fishing or rent a fishing pole and see what you can bring to the dinner table later on.

Next we ride the waves to the king crab fishing hot spot. King crabs are an invasive species in the Arctic Ocean, wreaking havoc on the sea floor…but luckily they taste amazing!

After hours spent at sea and dinner caught, we head back towards the marina. There in the calmer waters you’ll enjoy a meal on the boat prepared by your captain from the fresh catch of the day.

Once your belly is full, mind and memory card filled with once in a lifetime memories, and your sea legs ready; we will take you back to Utsjoki at the end of the day.


This Day trip includes:

  • 5hr Sailing, fishing and king crab safari + meal on the Arctic Ocean.
  • Transportation and guide from Utsjoki and back.
  • Life jackets on the boat.
  • An experienced captain that has sailed around the world’s oceans and has a few stories to tell.


Things to NOTE:

  • This is a small group activity. 8 guests max.
  • There is a inside cabin and a bathroom on board.
  • Safety always comes first and tour dates and times may change due to bad weather.


Things to bring with you:

  • Warm layers and weatherproof clothing. It’s hardly ever too hot on the Arctic Ocean.
  • Bring water and snacks as needed. King crab dinner is served at the end of the sailing trip.
  • Your bucket list, so that you can cross this one over from the list at the end of the day with a huge grin.

BOOKING and questions:

Aurora Holidays has built this day trip for you in collaboration with Sailing The Good Life adventure concept.