Duration: 3 – 4h
Day: Thursday (other days available upon request)
Availability: June – August
Cost: 100€ for our guests, 115€ for others (Incl. guide, transportation, assistance with equipment if necessary, drinks & snacks)

The summer is a very special season here in Utsjoki, the time of the Midnight Sun. From late May until mid-July the sun doesn’t set, which is something that can only be experienced in very few locations worldwide. During our Midnight Sun photography tour we will share some of the most photogenic locations to capture this extraordinary phenomenon with you. You will have the chance to capture jaw-dropping landscapes with a hint of sunlight in the middle of the night.

No previous experience in photography? No problem. You don’t need a DSLR camera for this excursion. Take your phone, action camera or simply enjoy the views and let us do the work. We can take the photos for you and send you the finished results afterwards.