2 h Husky Adventure and a visit to Tana Bru, Norway


225 € for our guests
245 € for others


6-7 hours including drive to/from Norway




Between September and April (note that before the first snow, it will be a sled on wheels)

Activity Description

The husky adventure we will take you to is a little different from most. Instead of a set path that you go around once or twice, Dag Broch from Tana Bru in Norway, one of Norway’s leading husky sled drivers, will take you into the Norwegian wilderness with his team of Alaskan huskies. We will arrive at Tana Husky in the morning and get a short introduction in how to drive a dog sled. You will be driving in a team of two people. One driving and the other one admiring the views. You can change drivers any time during the ride. (Please note that you will be the driver. Let us know if you wish not to drive but join only as a passenger.)

During the two-hour trip, you will get to enjoy the peace and silence of nature as you guide the dogs through the wilderness. After the trip we sit around the open fire with something warm to drink and you get to hear some stories about sled dog races.

After the Husky adventure, we will drive you to Tana Bru where you have the opportunity to visit a local jewellery shop with handmade Sami jewellery, wooden handicraft and decorations.