Taiga forest hike and hang with happy huskies


195 € per person





Autumn & Summer ( snowless seasons)

Activity Description

Experience the boreal Taiga forests with happy huskies during summer and autumn.

This all day excursion is all about living in harmony with nature and offers excitement, beauty, cuddles, and probably the most entertaining walk in the woods you’ve ever known.

Experience the unique Arctic Taiga forest on a husky hiking trip with a truly responsible dog owner who has adopted several rescue dogs that experienced poor treatment in the often not so responsible sledding business. (read the full story below)

  • Taiga forest experience with huskies 
  • Lunch, snack and warm drinks
  • Transportation departing Aurora Holidays
  • Tour guide will be with you the entire day.

At the end of this excursion, we hope you feel an enhanced connection to Arctic nature. And that you’ve felt invigorated and free speeding through the Taiga with happy huskies, whom showered you with affection by the fire after the hike as you listened to the story of how this husky company started with just an idea to rescue one unwanted sled dog.

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How your husky activity does good and why responsible tourism is important

It all started with Tuomas’s idea to adopt one unwanted sled dog to share outdoor adventures with. A few years later he lives in the woods with his pack of around 30 happy huskies, working to bring joy and adventures for his guests as well as his dogs.

He had planned on building a house on his land in the woods, but a global pandemic hit his new business venture. So instead he made sure his dogs had a roof over their heads and bellies full of nutritious food. Tuomas on the other hand still lives among his pack in a traditional Sami Lavvu ( a teepee looking tent).

Our collaboration with Tuomas’s Taigausko huskies and your adventures in the Taiga forest with the huskies, helps him to develop and build his business, keep helping poorly treated sled dogs and hopefully to build a nice little house for himself in the woods as well.

BOOKINGS and inquiries  via e-mail contact@auroraholidays.net or just give us a call +358 40 7625 005

Husky activities in Lapland

Many have come to believe, that husky sledding has roots in the Finnish or Sami tradition. This is not true. Actually for thousands of years the Inuits used dogsleds to cross harsh terrain and the activity became a symbol of northern life.

Husky  hiking adventures in the beautiful and serene Lapland wilderness we offer together with Taigausko, offer an opportunity to experience the authentic nature while enjoying a taste of northern life with the dogs.

Unfortunately, the popularity of husky sledding activity in Lapland has also engaged too many operators, that don’t prioritise the wellbeing of their dogs.

It was very important to us at Aurora Holidays to be able to offer this memorable activity to our guests, but to do it in a truly responsible way. We wanted to make sure the dogs are trained with positive methods and never have to fear, suffer, freeze or go hungry.

At Taigausko the dogs are visibly happy and confident around people and their handler. They have their own cozy houses in a nice forest environment with the longest leash to roam we’ve ever seen, and they get exercise and affection on adventures and on a running enclosure. Huskies born at Taigausko are all well adapted to arctic conditions and can truly handle the cold outside. (many dogs used in the industry are bred for fast running which means longer and leaner bodies with less fur to withstand the elements) The pack includes one such rescue dog who is fiercely motivated sled dog, but who wears a special winter jacket when the temperature drops and is then not running with the team.

You’ll learn more about how wonderful this place is and for example about the warm soups Tuomas cooks for his dogs, when you take this adventure with us.

BOOKINGS and inquiries  via e-mail contact@auroraholidays.net or just give us a call +358 40 7625 005