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  • Your holiday

    Your holiday with us begins on a Tuesday and ends the following Sunday. On the Tuesday when you arrive, we will pick you up from Ivalo airport (more about flights here). Depending on the road conditions, it is about a two hour drive to Utsjoki and your cottage. We drive through a beautiful scenery of fjelds, forests and frozen lakes. You might also be lucky and see some reindeer, elk or other wild animals.

    Before we leave Ivalo, we will stop at the supermarket in Ivalo village, so you can get some groceries for the week (your cottage is self catering). The supermarket is pretty big and it has everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week. It also has beer/cider. If you want to taste some local food (salmon/reindeer), we are happy to help you with that. There are supermarkets in Nuorgam and Tana bru (in Norway), so you will get a chance to do some more shopping if needed.

    Upon arriving in Utsjoki, we will show you your cottage and give you instructions on how to use the sauna etc. Water from the tap is drinkable so there is no need to buy water.

    Aurora Borealis

    The cottages are right on the banks of the river Teno. There is a staircase from the cottages down to the water's edge where there is a fireplace and a shelter, where you and the other guests can sit watching the northern lights for as long as you like. Your cottage also has a terrace you can sit on and watch the lights or the moon and the stars. You can even sit inside the cottage and watch the auroras from the window. The cottages face north so possibilities to see the northern lights are good.

    It can be quite late when we get you to your cottage. You have been traveling all day, so we will leave you to settle into your cottage and have an evening relaxing after your day of traveling. We recommend you to relax the first night so you are ready for the rest of the week. We will be with you for three nights straight, and depending on the aurora show, we could be out quite late each night. Of course you can always choose to stay at your cottage or do something else if you prefer to spend an evening by yourselves without the rest of our guests. It is up to you.

    Aurora Borealis

    At daytime, you can do whatever you like. Whether that is walking the many beautiful nature trails nearby or just relaxing at your cottage. If you want to do some winter activities, we do offer some, which you can add-on to your holiday to make it even more special. More details can be found here.

    We will be at your service during daytime on Wednesday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 3.00pm, if you need us. In the evenings, we will be with you chasing the Auroras. We will let you know the schedule for the evening every day, after we have checked forecasts and know whether we need to drive or we can stay at the cottages. The beginning of the evening can vary, depending on the aurora activity and weather.

    NOTE: We might have to cancel driving due to weather conditions. We take safety seriously and will not drive if it puts you or us in any unnecessary risk. If we cancel driving, we either stay with you at the cottages or consider to replace the chase later during the week.

    On the Sunday morning we will come and collect you and take you back on the beautiful two hour drive to Ivalo airport.

    Your cottage

    You get five (5) nights accommodation in your own cottage. These cottages are not only perfect from an accommodation perspective but they are also perfect from an aurora chaser's perspective. They are proper Finnish high quality cottages, equipped with everything you will need (see the list below), including your own sauna to warm up after a cold night chasing the lights. The cottages are really fresh and clean, because they are almost brand new.

    The cottages are located on the northernmost road in Finland, between the villages of Utsjoki and Nuorgam. This is one of the most beautiful roads in Finland.

    The cottages face directly north. It means that you can watch auroras from your window, the terrace or the yard, all night long if you like. Even if aurora activity is quite low, which means auroras will not be directly overhead, they will be on the northern horizon. They really give you the absolute best chances of seeing northern lights. So even if we are not with you at the time, we want to maximise your chances, with this excellent location. You can check what is happening in the sky any time.

    Our cottages
    We have four cottages, all identical to each other. Each cottage sleeps 4-6 people. They have two twin bedrooms and there is also a sofa bed in the living room where another two people can sleep. So although we usually only take eight (8) people on our holiday, we can actually accommodate up to 24 people with prior arrangement.

    Each cottage is equipped with:
    • electricity and water (tap water is drinkable)
    • sauna
    • indoor toilet
    • hair dryer
    • shower
    • bed linen and towels are provided
    • fully equipped kitchen
    • utensils and cutlery for 8 persons
    • a wide range of cooking utensils
    • fridge with small freezer
    • stove/oven with extractor hood
    • dishwasher
    • microwave
    • coffee maker
    • kettle
    • toaster
    • television
    • cleaning equipment
    • wifi
    All the cottages are heated. There are electric radiators in each room. In addition to the radiators the bathroom also has underfloor heating. There is also an electric sauna in each cottage. Heating is kept on at all times, so the room temperature is always 20-25 °C (68-77 °F) degrees making the cottages very nice and cosy.

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    Your Timetable

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    10:00 a.m. Snowshoeing
    10:00 a.m. Utsjoki tour
    9:00 a.m. The husky adventure
    10:00 Snowmobiling***
    Departure to the airport
    Relaxing at your cottage
    7:00 p.m. Aurora Chasing
    7:00 p.m. Aurora Chasing
    7:00 p.m. Aurora Chasing
    NOTE: Feel free to ask what you could do.
    NOTE: We'll pick you up from the cottages and drive you to the airport

    ***NOTE: driver’s licence required