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    You decide what kind of a holiday you’d like to have. You can spend your days in and around the cottages or you can take part in our organized activities. It’s up to you! You can let us know which activities you’d like to participate in when you book your holiday or at the latest a month before your arrival. The activities will be paid once you arrive. The duration given for each activity is approximate.

    Snowshoe Adventure

    3½ Hours in the morning/afternoon
    Day: Wednesday 10:00 – 13:30
    Cost: 50€ for our guests, 75€ for others

    Take a walk through the beautiful snowy landscape on snow shoes. This little adventure gives you the opportunity to see things you can’t see unless you go off the beaten paths. Our pace is slow and the terrain won’t be too difficult to traverse so this is suitable for everyone. We will take a break at a laavu where we can make some coffee and have something to eat. This adventure is really great if you want to see more nature!

    Visit Utsjoki village

    5 Hours in the morning/afternoon
    Day: Thursday 10:00 – 15:00
    Cost: No extra charge for our guests.
    (Others visiting the area are welcome to join us for the price of 10€ per person)

    We will take a tour of Utsjoki village centre. Program is actually quite flexible, we can do what you want to do. We will drive you to the village and you can walk around and get a picture standing on the bridge, one foot in Norway and another in Finland. We can visit our local café where we also have a small souvenir shop with handmade souvenirs, made by local people. We can also take a small trip to Utsjoki church and Kirkkotuvat - beautiful place with really old buildings and a beautiful view over the lake Mantojärvi. This trip does not need to be booked before you arrival. If you’d like to see the village with us, just let us know the day before.

    Husky Adventure and a visit to Tana bru, Norway

    7 Hours in the morning/afternoon ( with 2 hours driving to/from Norway)
    Day: Friday 10:00 – 17:00 (inc. 2 hours of driving)
    Cost: 165€ for our guests, 175€ for others

    The husky adventure we will take you to is a little different from most. Instead of a set path that you get to go around once or twice, Dag Broch from Tana Bru in Norway, one of Norway’s leading husky sled drivers, will take you into the Norwegian wilderness with his team of Alaskan huskies. We will arrive at Tana Husky in the morning and get a short introduction in how to drive a dog sled. (Please note that you will be the driver. Let us know if you wish not to drive but join as a passenger.)
    During the two-hour trip, you will get to enjoy the peace and silence of nature as you guide the dogs through the wilderness. After the trip we sit around the open fire with something warm in the cup and you get some stories about sled dog races.

    After the Husky adventure, we will drive you to Tana bru. There are some local shops, one especially worth mentioning is the jewellery shop Tana gull og sølvsmie where they produce and sell a lot of beautiful jewellery.

    Snowmobile trip up to the fells

    Usually from December to March. It depends on how early we get snow. If we can arrange it earlier than December, we will.

    2-3 hour trip. One person per snowmobile, 160€ per person. The price includes:

    • Snacks and warm drinks
    • Fuel, insurance (deductible 850€ / snowmobile)
    • Helmets and warm clothes
    • Extra hours after the trip are 40€ / hour.

    4-5 hour ice fishing trip. One person per snowmobile, 195€ per person. The price includes:

    • Snacks and warm drinks
    • Fuel, insurance (deductible 850€ / snowmobile)
    • Helmets and warm clothes
    • All equipment needed for ice fishing

    If you have ever wanted to take a trip to the top of the fells and see the beautiful and vast landscape of the Finnish Lapland in the winter, this trip is for you. Together with experienced snowmobile guides from TenoSafarit, we will take you to see the arctic wilderness on snowmobiles.

    To be allowed to drive a snowmobile, you need to have a driving licence issued in another EU or EEA Member State or an interim driving licence issued in the Nordic countries, you may drive vehicles in the categories marked on your licence in Finland.

    You must also fulfil the current age requirements for driving in Finland. Your driving licence will be valid regardless of whether you are visiting Finland as a tourist or are a permanent resident.

    You may also drive in Finland if you hold a driving licence issued in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or a country that has signed the Geneva or Vienna Road Traffic Convention (hereinafter "Contracting States") and you can present either an international driving licence or an official Finnish or Swedish translation of your national licence.


    Snowmobiling trips are available on Saturdays.

    If you would like to join a snowmobile trip, but you don’t want to or can’t drive a snowmobile yourself or if you have children under 15, let us know. We will then do our best to arrange a trip everyone can join. If you have any concerns about the driving licence, don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.

    We reserve the right to make changes according to weather, safety and other such conditions.

    Siella Kirkkotuvat Winter trip Husky Ride 2 Husky Ride 3 Emilia

    Special Activities

    Northern lights photography course

    A five day (Tue-Sat) course on photographing the aurora borealis and nature in Utsjoki January 30th - February 3rd, 2018. The course will be taught by Markus Kiili. You can take a look at his work here.

    During the course we will take photos whenever possible, night and day. We will also learn how to edit photos in Adobe lightroom. We will do the editing in between photography trips and for one full day at the end of the course. A free 30 day version of lightroom is available for download. You can download it before the course and later decide if you want to buy it for yourself.

    The price of the course is 450€ per person. The price includes the five-day program. Accommodation and meals are not included. You will receive a detailed program after you sign up.
    Accommodation is 45€ per person per night in shared cottages. Each cottage has two bedrooms, each with two beds and also a kitchen and a sauna. Accommodation for the whole course is 180€ per person.
    Sign up soon as we only take eight people. Send an email to contact@auroraholidays.net to sign up.
    Once you sign up, we will send you an invoice for a 100 euro deposit and the rest 350€ must be paid one week before the course starts.
    The easiest way to reach us is by flying to Ivalo. We can help with transportation to and from the airport. You can also drive here.

    You will need:

    • Warm clothing
    • Your own camera
    • A wide-angle lens
    • Extra batteries for your camera
    • A tripod (night-time photography is difficult without one)
    • A laptop for editing the photos