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  • Everybody has dreams...

    If one of yours is to experience the amazing northern lights, why not do it with us? It's not just any old Aurora chasing, but a chance to experience the northernmost town in the EU, where the odds you'll see the northern lights are the highest around! A very special adventure is waiting for you! Make your dreams come true and get a chance to cross something off your bucket list.

    © Charlie Davidson

    Utsjoki is a very unique village. We are in the middle of the fjelds. And there is nothing better than the wild, peaceful nature surrounding us. We have been living here all our lives and we have a lot of experience when it comes to nature, northern lights, winter and life here in the far north. With us you won't need to chase Auroras, we know the best places to see them. Our responsibility of helping you see northern lights begins when you step off the plane and it doesn’t end until when you step back on it.

    There are a few things that make us different (and in our opinion better) than other northern lights holidays:


    We will give you your own cottage with a terrace facing north. There is a place outside where you can watch the northern lights while sitting by a cosy fire. And for the coldest nights, we have a gazebo where you can keep warm while waiting for the show to start. Since the yard outside our cottages is a prime spot for viewing the northern lights, all you need to do is put on your clothes and step outside to enjoy the colourful skies.


    In case the northern light activity is slow above our cottages, or the skies are overcast, we have a van we can take to drive somewhere with better conditions. There is no need to wait for transport from somewhere else and waste precious time.


    Everyone who visited us in the winter 2015-16 saw the lights and in the winter 2016-17 we only had one week when the weather was unfortunately against us.

    So if you like the sound of our northern lights tours and would like to come here to see the lights with us, book it as soon as you possibly can. Just 100 euros secures your place.

    Take your time and read the information on these pages to know all that you need. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is something you would like to know. We are happy to tell you everything you want to know.

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    Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis

    About Us

    We are a family business, with a long experience of offering accommodation to everyone who is coming to Utsjoki to enjoy our nature´s many treasures. This ”family” of ours consists of me and the owners and we are going to be your guides and assistants during your whole stay, making sure this is going to be the best holiday ever. Of course it is mainly I who has the pleasure to take you to your activities and to hunt the auroras. Now you might want to know who I am.

    My name is Emilia and I have many years of experience of working in customer service. Travelling is my passion and hobby. I have been travelling around Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, so I have seen many kinds of accommodations, tours and activities from riding next to volcanoes in Iceland, to skydiving in Australia, or snorkeling in Malaysia. I believe I can say what good quality means in travel business and tourism industry, and I am proud to say I am working as a guide in this company.

    We are a small business, so we can be flexible. And of course, we are all Finnish (and one of us is Sami), so we know the habits, cultural aspects and wildlife here. So it is safe with us and we, naturally, operate according to Finnish laws.

    I am an outdoors person. I think one of the best ways to spend my free time is going out and meeting the wild life eye to eye. I respect the nature. I believe when you respect the nature then the nature will give you something special. In this case, something breathtakingly beautiful in the sky.

    We love the life here. We do this because we want to share our passion with you. What could be a better feeling than raise up your eyes to the sky and feeling a smile of happiness spread across your face. Believe me, here you can forget that busy life of yours, and focus on living in the moment.

    Mika ja Tiina